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How to get to Vegas Strip Clubs

Getting to a strip club is an important part of the overall experience. Do you drive? Take a limo? Ask a taxi driver to take you? Before you think about transportation, it’s important to understand one important thing: how the strip clubs work.

The strip clubs work by offering enticing Las Vegas strip club packages to people like you – and many of the clubs are competitive with one another. They’re constantly trying to outdo the other clubs in terms of the pricing, the serving, and the overall entertainment that is offered. Las Vegas bachelor parties are a major point of competition too.

When you go to any of the Vegas strip clubs, you’ll likely pay a cover charge. Then, you’ll pay for other things once you get inside – and you’ll pay more for the VIP experience.

Getting to the Club

As you look at the many Las Vegas strip club deals, many will offer transportation. This means that the club will pick you up at your hotel and take you straight to the club. The mode of transportation may be a limo or a party bus – and it will be filled with other hotel guests who have had the same idea as you – visiting a strip club.

The club’s transportation will often be complimentary. There are often special entrances for those who take advantage of the limo service, so you won’t have to wait in line. Reserve the service the moment you know you want to go to the club, preferably at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, there may be a wait, especially if you’ve called last minute and during peak hours. Further, you’ll get free cover into the club. Why both free cover and free transportation? It’s all designed to be a marketing expense to ensure you go to their club and not another one that you find out about along the way. Once you get to the club, tip your driver.

However, when you’re ready to leave, transportation back to your hotel is on you. This can be done by taxi, rideshare, or even by calling your hotel. The only way to get complimentary transportation back to your hotel (likely for you and your group) is by agreeing to spend a certain amount inside of the club and pre-arrange such return transportation.

Another great option is to take advantage of a private limo service to the club of your choice. Not only can you typically get a great deal on your transportation, but these services will also usually offer strippers and adult options for your ride. That way you can start your partying right away and have the girls all to yourselves!

Do’s and Don’ts of Getting to a Vegas Strip Club

When you’re planning on going to a Vegas strip club for a bachelor party or just for some Vegas fun, find out what the cost of transportation is going to be to the club of your choosing.

If you plan on taking advantage of a bachelor party or VIP experience, let the strip club provide the transportation for you. If you’ve already had a few drinks, you can ensure that you’re not driving under the influence. The cost of transportation is often incorporated into some of the Las Vegas strip club packages, so you might as well take advantage of it. Even if you’re not after a VIP experience, there are still affordable ways to get to the strip club – and those clubs will help you find them. Why? The more money they save you, the more you have to use in the form of Las Vegas strip club tips.

The biggest “don’t” of getting to a club is don’t depend on a Vegas taxi driver. The clubs have to tip the drivers, even if you’re tipping them, too. It means that you could end up having to pay even more for your cover charge to compensate for that. Plus, if you ask a taxi driver to take you to the best strip club in Vegas, they’ll take you to the one that compensates them the most, not necessarily the best club – and that comes back to the strip clubs doing what they can to compete with one another as much as possible.

The biggest “do” of getting to a strip club is the free limo hookup. Our limo services will provide you a free limo to the clubs, stocked with liquor and girls so the club experience begins as soon as you get in the limo. Yes some of the clubs offer their own free limo, but that is one way, and it does not come with strippers. So, get the best ride in Vegas when you book our free limo service.

It’s important to remember that you should always ask for assistance. How do strip clubs work? Find out so that you don’t spend more than necessary – and to ensure that you get the VIP experience that you’re looking to enjoy while in Sin City.

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