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Frequently Asked Questions About “The VIP Room”

Visiting a strip club in Vegas can be exciting. The moment you enter a club, there are going to be girls – on the stage, walking around, and waiting in VIP rooms. How do you make sense of it all?

To avoid being overwhelmed by all of the choices, you need to know how to operate inside Las Vegas strip club. This includes knowing where to sit and what kind of entertainment is available to you.

We’ve got some of the top asked questions to help you make sense of it all, including understanding the Las Vegas strip club rules all the way to what happens in VIP rooms.

You’ll feel more confident when you know the rules and what to expect around every turn. It will ensure you get the experience that you want when visiting a strip club. Plus, it will help you to avoid a major blunder that can cause embarrassment and even get you kicked out of the club.

How do I get inside of a VIP room?

Often, it’s best to arrange entrance to the VIP room ahead of time – call or book online. There are a limited number of rooms at every club – and they’re typically reserved by the hour. When you announce that you are interested in the strip club VIP room, you’ll often get better service from the beginning – including having your cover fee waived.

If you decide to wait until you’re in the club to ask about the VIP room, you may be turned down simply because there isn’t availability.

What are the costs of a VIP room?

The costs of the VIP room are an hourly rate. Additionally, there’s usually the requirement that you buy at least one bottle of alcohol (champagne or liquor). Depending on the day of the week and if there are any special events going on, the Las Vegas strip club VIP costs can vary – so it’s always better to ask before you arrive.

What happens inside of a VIP room?

One of the biggest myths that travel around Vegas and beyond is that anything can happen inside of the VIP room. The reality is that Las Vegas strip club girls have to follow the rules of the club. There is little to no contact between the dancer and the client. The girls will not provide sexual services and they cannot go home with their clients. Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas and even asking for sex is a crime.

What are some of the services available in a VIP room?

You’ll be pleased to find that there are various services available to you in the VIP room. This can include private lap dances, private strip teases, and erotic dancing. If there’s a specific service that you want, ask – many who work the VIP room have heard it all, so there’s nothing that you could ask that would be shocking.

It’s best to remember that you pay for access to the VIP room for an hour at a time – and no stripper wants to dance nonstop for a full hour. You can talk, ask questions, and learn. Las Vegas strip club girls may be full of useful information about the city, girls, and anything else that you are interested in knowing.

What are the Las Vegas Strip Club Rules?

There are some strip club rules that are standard – and some rules that will vary based on the Vegas club that you visit. Most clubs will post the rules not only on their website but also throughout the club.

Here are a few of the standard rules:

  • Dress to impress
  • Don’t touch the dancers
  • Don’t lick or kiss the dancers
  • Don’t try to record or photograph the dancers (or anything else happening in the club)

When in doubt, ask a question before you potentially do something you shouldn’t.

The important thing to remember is that it’s all about having fun. If you want a more personalized experience than a traditional visit to the strip club, scheduling time in the VIP room can be memorable. Ask questions and be mindful of the rules so you can have fun without running into any awkward moments along the way. One sure way to make your night even more memorable is to take advantage of our free limo service, so you can start the party before you even get to the club.

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